Thursday, September 29, 2011

Daily Shoot:

In a computer class I feel like there is only so many types of homework assignments that can be assigned and by assign the daily shoot it is an easy homework that forces us to get on the computer everyday not just for personal uses. I enjoyed the daily shoot when I had the time to do it - it made me find and look at things in a different and new way. I felt the daily shoot was kind of hard to do every single day; for example one of the tasks was to take a picture of construction, to complete that you would have to go out of your way to find construction. I felt random tasks like this were quite hard to complete. Maybe if the assignment was to do at least 3 of the tasks every week it would a bit easier to complete and to fit into our daily set of homework. I felt this assignment does not take into consideration not just that we all have assignments for numerous classes but also things like part time jobs and other life sitiations. All other homework assingments have due dates we can manage our time acrodingly to the due date but for this we only have a 24 time slot to find sometimes the most obscure items in the world and can be quite difficult.

Since there is a lot going on in my life right now I was not able to take all the tasks on the actual day assigned but in the end I made sure I got them all taken and uploaded by the final due date. In addition because I knew my pictures would be uploaded late I tried to put a lot of thought and effort in to each picture..... Thus I would give myself 8 out of 10.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Technology and its effects on this world!

            After Econ, as a major, I think Political Science or International Affairs is the most important major to make the world “go ‘round.” Obliviously I am a bit biased since that is my major, but in all honesty the ideas and practices behind my major are what keep this world in check. The phrase my major is based on is “Learn form history so we never repeat it.”  I truly believe that that is one of the best phrases ever said. Can you imagine another holocaust? Or another round of nuclear bombs dropped? There are numerous events in history that were absolutely tragic and should and cannot ever be repeated. In addition, the concept that creates and keeps my major relevant is the causes and effects of communication.  All politics is, is a he said she said game with real life implications on everyone’s way of life.  It truly is a major passed on the games of high school cliques’ strategies and their “combat.” Before reading As We May Think by Vannevar Bush I thought my major stood alone with maybe a few influences of psychology theories. The major component I have seemed to over look is how without technology and advances of saving and recoding images, conversations, battles plans, ect not only would my major not exist but the world would be in complete disarray.

            Referring back to my previous example, Adolf Hitler basically controlled and manipulated people to think a country wide genocide would be wonderful idea; if he could convince normal, previously morally bound people, to kill numerous people just because of their looks or belief, you better believe he would have been able to hide and change all of the horrible things he had done from the rest of the world. But because of the amazing advances of technology there picture and footage documentation along with the horror stories from survivors that were able to demonstrate to the world what could never be repeated again.


            As for a more current day example dealing with the communication aspect of my major, the Iran elections show the perfect combination of how International affairs is not only dependent on the new advances of technology but it is also works in tandem with numerous new ways of communication. Currently in Iran the government puts on a show to illustrate to the whole world that they have “free and fair;” and while techniquely that is true once they get and hear what the people of Iran have to say they if they do not agree with the population’s consensus they will change it to what they think is the “proper” way to go/ put in power.  The actions of the government clearly in rage the citizens of Iran, especially the younger high school and college student population. These students over the past years have been protesting and putting together demonstration to voice their concerns to the government but slowly but surly the government has been able to put up barriers so that the students/ citizens cannot communicate to organize these demonstration. So students looked to the World Wide Web for not only more support but also another means of communication – and the best two mediums have been Facebook and twitter. For a while it not only was the best way to get in contact and create a cohesive protest but it let the whole world know the true story of how the Iranian government was running and all the corruption (that many did not know about because of the many restriction the government has placed on what is allowed to be said and released into the public). Once the Iranian government realizes that Twitter and Facebook were the reason why the protests were becoming for organized and larger they put blocks up for anyone within the country to access the websites.  Unfortunately Iran is still struggling with this matter but now that the word is out to the world they not only have a louder voice from outside also enraged citizens of the world but they are able to set an example to many other countries that are struggling with their truly free and fair election process.


            The simple advance in technology in being able record and keep memerable events history recorded accuretly not only created my major but has created all interations between countries and kept with world in some sort of order... I truly do not know where and how this world would be or work without these advances.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

The new world of blogging !!!

Ok so...

I have always thought I was really good with technology and anything that has to do with computers; but now after just the first few classes of Cyberspace and Society I have realized only in comparison to my grandparents am I really good with technology.

I have no idea how to use or what twitter really is for that matter, and the same goes for blogs. The reason why I have never really tried to understand what twitter or blogging is, is because both are basically just mediums for which people can tell the whole world what they are constantly thinking or doing, and for me, I don't really think people care about what I am doing, because (I don't mean to sound mean or rude) but I truly don't care WHAT SO EVER about what other random people are doing or thinking - I can hardly care about my own thoughts I have no room for others.

But now that this is an assignment, I am going to try and understand this whole new world with an open mind... maybe it will help me organize my thought better? or understand the world better? who knows .... we will see :-/